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Andy Laties
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I am the author of the 2006 Independent Publisher Award winning title “Rebel Bookseller: How To Improvise Your Own Indie Store And Beat Back The Chains.” I co-founded the Vox Pop Café in Brooklyn, with Sander Hicks (who was previously the founder of Soft Skull Press). Vox Pop then published my book (as well as lots of other books—our Vox Pop Publishing offshoot provides publishing services to self-publishing authors). I like to tell people that I’m the only author who had to open a bookstore and a publishing company just to get his book published. (My book attacks Barnes & Noble, and was therefore unpublishable.)

Vox Pop was my fourth bookstore project and probably my seventh or eighth business start-up. I’m not involved with Vox Pop day to day now, but I do still run the bookshop at Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, in Amherst, Massachusetts. Parents Magazine called us “the very best bookstore for picture books in the entire world.” I also lead a free-jazz/experimental troupe called Urchestra that specializes in performing the poetry of Kurt Schwitters. And I’m helping launch Gonzo Comix, whose first project is a webcomic called Rosetta Stone, by Rebecca Migdal.

I just finished a master’s degree at the School of Community Economic Development, in New Hampshire, and I’d say that Community Economic Development is what I stand for. So: grassroots activism, people first, decentralization, and questioning authority.

Readers can expect inside dope on the book industry, and cross-cutting analysis of the forces that are stifling our voices. I attack Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, and corporate media monoliths for their hypocrisy. I’m now writing a sequel to Rebel Bookseller, and I hope that blogging helps stimulate this process.