Andy Laties (rebelbookseller) wrote,
Andy Laties

Publishing Industry Legend Says Superstore Chains Are Going Down

For the past several days I've been vociferously commenting on a fascinating blogpost. Industry expert Mike Shatzkin believes that the rapid rise of eBooks will depress print-book sales so much that chain storefronts will not be able to continue to operate profitably. He thinks that a very large number of superstore locations will close. He is principally concerned about this because he thinks that the major publishing companies will be seriously damaged. However in a number of exchanges with him, in the comments section of his blog, I was able to elicit the opinion that unusual, quirky, creative and talented independent booksellers might be able to continue to operate bookstores during the coming eBook revolution, even if the large general bookstore corporations were in dire straits.

My conclusion here is fairly obvious. I won the war!

Or, okay, we, the indies, won the war.

Some may say, "You didn't win the and Apple and Google won the war."

I disagree. I have been fighting the bookstore chains since 1985. So, if I have been fighting them, and if the chains go kerplunk, then, clearly, I won.

Thank you very much!

Here is Mike's blogpost. His blogging software isn't built to withstand the number of comments I have made to the post -- in some places my comments are displayed one word wide and dozens of words deep!!

I feel great!

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