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Well, what exactly can I say about what happened two days ago that I'm not supposed to talk about because we have to "pick our battles" (as one of the parties to the incident put it)?

Since "Rebel Bookseller" is all about disputing the universal self-censorship that pervades the industry, is it appropriate for me to shut up about this?

It all boils down to the question: Why did I decide to utilize the mainstream distribution mechanisms of the industry if I intended to attack the most powerful players?

Wasn't it inevitable that doing so would put me in the position of "not wanting to hurt" one of my new business associates?

Last night I was reading Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "Gulag Archipelago" aloud to my son. The issue here is the victim mentality. Abuse of power is met with absolute compliance. Sheepishness. If I am arrested I must be guilty.

Am I guilty? Have I been arrested? Solzhenitsyn describes his own behavior during the course of his own arrest. Since the SMERSH guys who arrested him in 1946 didn't know their way around the town where they arrested him, HE directed THEM.

I have been instructed NOT to go to the Wall Street Journal with this story at this time. But -- even if I did tell the WSJ, would there be a story written? And, if there were, would the world change one bit? The industry?

Haven't I already told a hundred stories in "Rebel Bookseller" about these things? What would it matter if I tell another one now, just because it's happening to me again?

Well -- honestly, however, this constituted my ENTIRE marketing plan. Wait until THIS moment, THIS event, and then blow THIS whistle. Because THIS exemplifies the industry in a PERFECT way.

But I won't discuss this at this time. It's all a "mistake". It will be "taken care of". "No Harm Done."

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